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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the distillery is closed to the public effective immediately. We want to thank everyone for their support over the years - you have no idea how much it means to us. Because we have always been transparent, we also want to be clear about the two reasons why we made this difficult choice.

The first is because, as we mentioned to anyone who visited us, we are a self-funded endeavor. The two of us built this business from the ground up, on top of our demanding day jobs (which we still have!) and always planned to start small, then scale up as we grew. Unfortunately, due to the state’s COVID restrictions, this has meant our entire business model was thrown out the window five months after we opened and all the ways we planned to grow went with it. So we’ve been in survival mode the past year trying to wait it out, unable to hire help so we can have a break. And so we’re tired. Tired of turning people away every weekend because we’re at “capacity”. Tired of seeing all our business opportunities not realized. Tired of working 7 days a week with no end in sight. 

Which brings us to the second reason, our son. The older he gets, the more we would rather be spending our precious time with him. Our families have stepped up to support us in unbelievable ways and we do not want to miss our son growing up in favor of a business that is bottlenecked. Every dollar we throw into keeping the distillery afloat while we wait out COVID restrictions just takes a dollar from his future and we are unwilling and financially unable to do so any longer. 

And to be clear, Salem City has been nothing but wonderful to us. The town, the residents, our fellow businesses - we were welcomed with open arms and for all the negativity we had to hear over the years, our little distillery never had a single issue and THRIVED here. We will continue supporting and rooting for Salem City as county residents and owners of 90 W Broadway.

So although this is bittersweet, we look forward to what our future holds. Our goal with Tadmore was to make our own bourbon; we are so thankful we were able to do that and more. We hope we were able to teach you a little more about spirits along the way. Thanks again for all your support and we’ll see you around!

-Steve & Tasha

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Patience. We’ve become experts at it! Before craft distilling was even legal in New Jersey, Steve dreamed of making his own bourbon. After years of saving up and waiting until the time was right, we were finally ready to make it a reality. And Tadmore Distilling Co was born.

Tadmore Distilling Co. is family owned and operated by Stephen & Natasha Vitale. Specializing in bourbon, rum and vodka, we are a nano-sized distillery located in historic Salem, New Jersey making everything right here from grain to glass. We are open to the public on Saturdays for bottle sales, tours and cocktails. Tadmore specializes in providing an intimate lounge experience with exceptional customer service.

Steve and Tasha reside in Alloway, New Jersey. When they’re not at the distillery, you can most likely find them chasing after their young son, building some kind of contraption, or curled up with a good book.




Our place is unique and we love it! The front half of our distillery is a home built around 1790. After over 150 years as a private residence, the building was purchased by the Masons who added the back half of the building. This became Excelsior Lodge No. 54 which was dedicated in 1959. In 1996, the property changed hands yet again and was the corporate headquarters of Wire Pro Inc until 2014.


We don't settle. Each small batch is artfully crafted from grain to glass in our distillery and if we wouldn't drink it, we won't serve it to you. Our curated selection of fine spirits will hopefully have you asking for "just a tad more".

Our goal is to be as locally sourced as possible and we work with nearby farmers and suppliers to support our region's economy. We are committed to transparency and are happy to share our sources so you can be confident in the quality of our spirits.



We appreciate all fine spirits, but bourbon is where our hearts lie. A true American icon, our bourbon is 100% crafted with grains grown less than 15 miles away and barrel aged a minimum of one year.

Smooth and satisfying, our vodka is made with corn and barley malt grown less than 15 miles away from the distillery. Try it in all your favorite vodka cocktails!


The aged version of Bad Omen harkens back to days of old, when ships roamed the Caribbean and the New World held boundless potential. This libation made of simple ingredients has endured for centuries and ours carries on this tradition and is aged in American white oak. 


Just as a fledgling is learning to fly, this clear spirit hasn't yet earned its wings. The starting point for all our bourbon before it is aged, this captivating libation's untamed flavor is best enjoyed chilled.


Bad omens usually don't bode well for the recipient, but in this case it is your lucky day. With its clarity and full-bodied aroma, we recommend enjoying our white rum in a cocktail or chilled on its own.

"The Parlor", one of two lounge areas at Tadmore Distilling Co. A well-lit room with brick fireplace and antique furnishings

Please visit us - we'd love to meet you! We are open to the public for bottle sales, tours, and cocktails on Saturdays from 1 to 5pm.


Discover our building's rich history and walk the production area to learn about our distilling process. Then it's off to the tasting room to enjoy gratuitous samples of our fine spirits and order libations from our current cocktail menu.


Due to COVID, we are only permitted 25 guests at a time and ask that guests limit their visit to 2 hours. We recommend booking a reservation online, but you can also visit unannounced.

For private tours or groups larger than 10, please see our private events page.


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General Visitor Info

  • Guests of all ages are welcome! However, if you would like to sample and order cocktails, please be prepared to show a valid ID upon arrival.

  • Hungry? Feel free to bring your own food or order delivery to the distillery.

  • We are child friendly and offer complementary kid-approved beverages in our tasting room.

  • Our private parking lot is at the rear of the building and accessible via Fourth Street. There is also ample free street parking on Broadway and Fourth Street.

  • Service animals only please! We are an indoor only facility with carpeting throughout.

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Enjoy Tadmore at home by ordering on online for curbside pickup during our normal business hours. All our goods are proudly made in the USA except our Glencairns. We appreciate your support!


Need directions? Want to know which local grower our corn is from? Curious about our favorite cocktails? Drop us a line or find us on social media - we love answering your questions!